"He was an exceptionally talented, energetic and courageous young man, passionate about his work, someone who literally ‘walked the walk'— constantly traveling to the regions that were of core concern to him, talking to the players on the ground –a commitment that often took him to distant and sometimes dangerous places in pursuit of knowledge. Alex was fantastically well-connected and knowledgeable about the issues he researched. He was doing excellent work and I will miss his wise counsel, enthusiasm and partnership."

Christian F. Ostermann, Director, Global Europe Program, Wilson Center 


“Alex was a deeply impressive individual with a list of academic and scholarly accomplishments to his name and a fine future ahead of him. Smart in every usage of the word, he was also adventurous and took an active as well as academic interest in the countries he wrote about. A specialist on energy as well as grand strategy, he could be relied on to crop up and elucidate on the situation in an extraordinary number of places. Before last year’s elections, I bumped into him in Tbilisi, and over drinks Alex led me through the current and historic troubles of Georgia and its neighbours with a fluidity and range that would have been envied by any scholar twice his age. It was a pleasure to help launch his subsequent HJS report on how to bring about a peaceful solution to Georgia’s conflicts.”

- Douglas Murray, In memory of my friend Alexandros Petersen – a victim of the Taliban, The Spectator 


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“Beyond his writing Alex also inspired as a teacher, and it was during his semester-long stint at the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, that I got to know him on a personal level. Among the juniors and seniors in the International and Comparative Politics department (many of whom have written articles for Global Voices) that took his elective courses, and freshmen of all departments undertaking the First Year Seminar, Alex was a universally admired guide and friend, as well as a teller of fantastic stories. To both students and colleagues at the university, he was open, approachable, and a great person to bounce ideas off.”

- Chris Rickleton, Goodbye Alexandros Petersen, Prodigious Guide to China in Central Asia, The Bridge


“Petersen’s clear voice and analytical acumen, manifest in these spaces in recent years as well as in other publications of note, constituted a significant contribution to the discourse of our time on geopolitical matters that fell within his purview. That voice and that analytical acumen will be missed.”

Robert W. Merry, An Important Voice, Silenced: Remembering Alexandros Petersen, The National Interest


“Alexandros was a brilliant young scholar of geopolitics and Eurasia and his loss is felt keenly across London's academic, policy and journalist community, including many colleagues at RUSI. His death in Kabul is a sad marker in an ongoing conflict and he will be greatly missed by all those who knew him.”

Royal United Service Institute, In Memoriam: Dr Alexandros Petersen 


“Petersen was a convener of people, known on multiple continents as a careful thinker, dynamic speaker, and dapper dresser. During his time as a student at King’s College London, where he earned a BA, and the London School of Economics, where he received a PhD, Petersen founded the London branch of the DC networking organization, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, which he grew to over 500 members before returning to Washington.”

-Josh Rogin, Alexandros Petersen, 1984-2014, The Daily Beast


“He really was someone quite special, and he had the quality of loyalty.”

Valerie Strauss, Afghan attack took young American ‘destined for greatness,’ The Washington Post


“Mr Petersen, the author of The World Island: Eurasian Geopolitics and the Fate of the West, made considerable contribution to increasing the awareness of the American society and political circles of Azerbaijan`s importance to the West, particularly the United States.”

Alexandros Petersen among those killed in deadly attack at Kabul restaurant, News.Az


Additional Remembrances

Kings College London, "In memoriam: Dr. Alexandros Petersen"

Registan, "One of Ours"

Carol Morello, Academic from D.C. who loved ad­ven­ture was among casualties in Kabul suicide attack, The Washington Post