The Alexandros Petersen Fellowship for Eurasia is being established in memory of Alexandros Petersen. Alexandros was a highly regarded and accomplished young scholar, writer, and consultant to governments and private organizations on global geopolitics, Central Asia, the Caucasus region, and energy policy. Alexandros was killed in Afghanistan in January 2014, where he had just joined the faculty of the American University of Afghanistan. He was 29.

The purpose of the Fellowship is to sustain the intellectual legacy of Alexandros Petersen and inspire young scholars to follow his example. The Fellowship will increase the understanding of Eurasia, with particular emphasis on the issues of greatest interest to Alexandros: grand strategy, geopolitics, and energy security. It will foster communication of the complexities of Eurasia regionally and globally, and develop the capacity of future policy-makers from the region.  

The Fellowship will undertake two key activities in pursuit of its goal:

1.   Award an annual fellowship to support research by scholars of Eurasian studies at a research or policy institution in the United States.

2.   Award an annual grant to support post-graduate students from Central Asia or the Caucasus region to pursue advanced studies in International Relations, Energy Policy, or Public Administration at a university in the United Kingdom or the United States leading to a degree or diploma.

Learn More about the grants and the selection process here.

Fundraising Goals

The goal is the raise at least $1 million as an endowment for the Fellowship. Annual investment earnings as well as possible other contributions will fund the annual fellowship and grant, which are envisioned to total in the order of $50,000 per year. The Fellowship will have a lifetime of 30 years.